QI; the human tool of the 21st century.

So, you have QI!  That’s fantastic.  We already know it’s the Quantum-related thing and that we understood those test questions almost immediately – cool!   It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?  Most of us are still getting used to QI, so there is a very good chance that you might still be asking yourself:  “What exactly is QI?”  If so, that would be perfectly normal, new concepts and ideas need to be assimilated and regardless of how quickly those with QI are able to assimilate the trait, the definition can require a little more work to understand it completely.

The Quantum-dynamic Index

QI is one of the family of Human Dynamics, which are still being aggressively explored and defined.  For the moment, QI is considered an inherent trait; that is to say, something that you are born with.  Studies that we are conducting right now, however, may be indicating that it might need to be acquired before it becomes inherent, so genetics is also a factor.  If you have QI, there’s a good chance that one or both of your grandparents had QI. Your parents may also have QI, but the pattern shows a one-generation gap, or at least that’s what we have been able to observe.

As with all of the Human Dynamics, QI is constantly in motion, never static, always paying attention.  It is very possible that QI may help explain why some people understand a problem, a mathematical formula or a complex situation, without ever having received any particular training in any of those things.

It is clear at this point that QI may be the reason for a lot of things, but for the moment, here’s what we got:   The Quantum-dynamic Index trait is considered present in a Human being upon confirming the existence of two very specific dynamic thinking mechanisms or processes; these are Extemporaneous Thinking and Focused Concentration.

Extemporaneous thinking is the human brain’s ability to contemplate multiple factors, across multiple issues, with multiple unrelated variables and perceive them in a way that forms one half of the crystal clarity of thought that QI  anoints us with.  It is the ability to consider the cross-section of an issue, concept or problem that covers multiple strata, simultaneously. The ability to contemplate such a large volume of different data bits is what earned Extemporaneous thinking the descriptive title of being the ”width” of the thinking process, where width relates to a horizontal view of all of the elements in a concept. 

Focused concentration is an established Human Dynamic, that for many has been declared all but extinct.  It is, just as the title states, the ability to concentrate on something with absolute focus, allowing the object of the concentration to benefit from virtually all of the thought being generated by the person who is concentrating.  It’s 1 part patience, 1 part confidence 1 part knowledge and 1 part guts, because in order to reach the level of “focused” a person must go “all out”. This intensity is what earned this second half of QI the title of the “depth” of the thinking process”, since concentration bores totally into and even through one concept or idea completely.

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