QI has arrived and it’s here to stay!  QI will be the quintessential human tool for the 21st century!  Do you have QI?

Welcome to the What’sYourQI? Family of portals; the home of the Quantum-dynamic Index Test (QI) and the only place where the QI Test© can be taken.

Here you will not only find the QI Test©, you can find out more about the Quantum-Dynamic Index as well as its testing mechanism.  Knowing if you have QI© is an invaluable tool in preparing to live in this changing world, especially over the next 100 years.  QI©, like all of the Human Dynamic mechanisms is playing a fundamental part in the changes that our world and the Human Civilization that inhabits it are undergoing right now.  All of the Human Dynamics are important whenever and wherever Humans are involved; they are the particular set of qualities that defines us and makes us unique, in fact it is the specific timing of Human dynamic events (like communications, commerce and language) that makes up the stew from which a Human Civilization sparks into existence.  QI© us only one small aspect of the family of Human Dynamics, but it is one to which we can relate to directly because those who have it, by being aware of what it is and how it works, can incorporate the specific thinking processes in their day-to-day lives, positively affecting themselves and everyone around them, for we are all connected by our humanity. 

The difference between having QI© and knowing it as opposed to not knowing it is similar to the sense of sight.  A person can see even though they are nearsighted but until they learn what being nearsighted is and that it can be treated, they might just think that everything is supposed to look blurry.  Once they understand that their vision is affected they can get eyeglasses or laser surgery and see with crystal clarity.  That’s where the parallel with QI© is, knowing if you have it is like the difference between seeing and seeing with crystal clarity.

QI©, if studied closely is an amazing an awesome Human trait, it’s hard to understand why we did not identify it earlier and incorporate it into everyone’s daily lives, but then again, it’s opponent for our attention has always been money and wealth.  Nothing can compete with that, except us, because we invented money and wealth – a fact everyone with QI© knows just by living among people.

For us at what we are now calling “The QI Institute”, it is an honor and a privilege to have detected the specific combination of dynamic elements which result in QI© and developed the testing criteria to measure how it has propagated throughout humanity.  The QI© test may very well be one of the most fundamental tools of the 21st century, it advances Humanity instead of feeding the needs of things that we Humans invent.  We will constantly strive to increase the knowledge about QI© and how it benefits the Human thinking process.  We invite you to visit us regularly, this site will grow quickly as we add resource pages for those with QI© and new information, as it becomes available.  We also invite you to find out if you have QI©, if you don’t already.  To find out, just click here to go directly to the QI Test order page.  With 20 minutes and $1.42, you can know if you have QI©!  Welcome, one and all!

So, what’s your QI©?

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